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perfectxreality's Journal

11 October 1990
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the future mrs rhodes
i have inappropriate dreams about randy orton, ted dibiase, john cena, and god's gift to women, cody rhodes. i have a love of english and i love writing fanfiction which, i tell myself, will help me improve my writing skills. i have lj for one reason and one reason only, to meet people that, without it, i wouldn't be able to. there are so many of you out there with similar ideas to mine, similar interests and similar tastes and i believe lj is the only way i'll ever meet you :]

when it comes to fanfiction, i can only write in one fandom : wrestling. i adore both reading and writing wrestling fanfiction, mainly wwe due to my lack of interest in tna. when it comes to writing, i stick to het and primarily litaxorton although i'm trying to get away from that pairing. but, when it comes to reading it, i'm most definitely a slasher. codiasi and centon are my otp's and i love nothing more than curling up in bed and reading a good codiasi smut fic.

i like; wrestling, reading, writing, photoshop, making new friends, taking pictures, hollyoaks, shopping, jewelery, clothes, makeup, magazines, texting, nights out, kings of leon, the killers, snowpatrol, paolo nutini, randy orton, john cena, cody rhodes, ted dibiase, evan bourne, john morrison.
i don't like; the weather in britain, having unmatching underwear or pyjamas, spending her wages before the month is out, the idea of going to university alone, her dog chewing her favorite wrestling shirt, that guilty feeling after you've eaten too many chocolates, not being able to write slash.

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